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Food Photography

Do you need Food Photography of your products for your website, packaging, magazine or menu? We would love to help you.

Like any other product, we need to understand where you will use the images so we can quote accordingly for you.

LocalLegends-Example-Clipped back removed copy.jpg

Food Clear Cut

The traditional Clear Cut/Clipped image and the most used type for online stores and Graphic designing agencies so they can create a product packaging or layer the image on top of logos and graphics. The product is clipped/removed from the background. The original background is removed completely or left there but not retouched or treated.


Food Advertizing

The image is likely to have gone through the Clear Cutting process as well but the main difference is that this image has had a bit more attention in terms of styling, details and other items that will help the main product to stand out in the same picture. Very often we will take 3, 5 or as many images it is necessary to create one final image..

LJ-CookingBook-Day 12562.jpg

Food Editorial or Lifestyle

This style looks very simple, but behind this lifestyle image there are normally a good photographer, a good food stylist and a chef. It can be taken in studio where we create the look the client wants or it can be on location. On location it can take longer than studio because we normally light up the scene using the ambient light and living in New Zealand, we know the weather can change at any second. This kind of images can be used on recipe books, social media channels, magazines, to promote and advertise a product or service.

Clear Cut Video
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