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Commercial Photography


How it Works

Step 01

Please, contact us via email or over the phone. It is important to give us as much information as you can regarding your imaging project and needs, so we can make the quoting process quick and easy.  We are always happy to visit you in person to discuss your project. Quick tip: browse online for samples of what you want and send it to us.

Step 02

The Big Day

If we are photographing your products, we would be delighted to meet you in person when you deliver your products. Or we are happy to pick up(Auckland based businesses) or orgaizing a courier to pick up your products and bring it to us. With new clients we normally send a sample from our shoot to make sure you are happy the way it is going.

Step 03

Choosing & Editing

We will send you all the images for you to choose(if applied) and once you have chosen all the images you need we will ask you to send us the selected images and we will proceed with the retouching and editing. 

Step 04

Receiving Your Images

Once the editing is done we will send the final  images to you via Dropbox, Wetransfer or DRIVE link. Our Happy Client successful rate straight after receiving their files is usually 99% so there is 1% chance that we will have to review and redo our editing. Done!

Product images for your online and eCommerce store, Lifestyle, Fashion, Lookbook, Headshots and Portraits or new shots to illustrate your business premisses and services. Leave it with us, we got you!

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A good headshots can change the way a potential new client perceive you and your business...imagine a bad headshot image?!

Don't let this small investment to get in the way on you closing big deal. Take the opportunity to get all your whole team to look professional by booking a Team Headshots photo session.

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Let us help you to showcase your beautiful jewellery to the world. We can pick up all your products, photograph, edit and resize your images ready for you to upload to your website and start selling in no time.

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